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  • What Does RBG Stand For?

    RBG, or Rated Battlegrounds, is a PvP activity in World of Warcraft that allows players to engage in large-scale battles with real opponents. Players can form a group with up to 10 players and compete in a variety of objectives such as capture the flag or control points. By winning these battles, players can earn honor and conquest points that can be used to purchase PvP gear and other rewards.

    At GladiatorBoost, we offer a service that allows players to achieve their desired amount of wins in RBG quickly and efficiently, without the hassle of grinding through battles themselves.

    How Buying Wins in RBG Can Help You

    Our service offers a quick and efficient way to achieve your desired amount of RBG wins, without the stress of finding a reliable team or struggling to win matches. Our RBG win carries are handled by top RBG players, who have reached high PvP ratings and are skilled in achieving wins, even on high ratings.

    With our service, you will receive the amount of RBG wins you ordered, with the associated honor level progression and honor and conquest points from each win. Buying wins is the perfect solution for players who do not have a consistent team of 10 players or the time and patience to grind through RBG matches themselves.

    Core Advantages of Buying Wins in RBG

    Time-Saving: Buying RBG wins will save you time grinding through matches and searching for reliable teammates to help you.

    Improved RBG Rating: Buying RBG wins can improve your RBG rating, which can lead to better rewards, including Honor and Conquest points, and exclusive RBG transmog gear.

    Professional RBG Players: Our RBG win carries are handled by professional and experienced RBG players who have achieved high ratings in the game. They have a deep understanding of RBG tactics, playstyles, and class abilities, allowing them to tailor their services to your individual needs.

    Personalized Services: We offer personalized RBG win carries that are tailored to your needs and preferences. You can choose whether you want a self-play or a piloted service, and the number of wins you require.

    Cost-Effective Rates: Our services always come at a fair price, with upfront agreed results. We also offer regular discounts and exclusive offers for returning customers.

    Safe and Secure: We take the security of your account seriously and use various measures to ensure your account remains secure throughout the boosting process.

    More About our Boosters for WoW RBG

    At GladiatorBoost, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced RBG boosters available to players. By handpicking top-rated PvP and PvE players, we ensure that our customers receive the highest quality service. Our boosters are professional players who have dedicated years of their lives to mastering RBG gameplay and tactics, making them the perfect choice for players looking for quick and easy wins in rated battlegrounds.

    When you purchase our RBG win-boosting service, you will have the opportunity to work with these highly skilled boosters directly, as they guide you through the process, providing valuable feedback, coaching, and advice to help you achieve your desired amount of wins. And our boosters are not just experts at winning matches, they are also great communicators who can explain the gameplay in detail and answer any questions you may have.

    RBG Boosting Start Time

    Average 1–6 hours.

    Why Choose GladiatorBoost?

    At GladiatorBoost, we take pride in providing the highest quality RBG boosting services available for WoW players. We understand that many players struggle to find reliable and skilled teams for rated battlegrounds, and we aim to fill that gap by offering a cost-effective and reliable solution. Our RBG win carries are handled by top-rated RBG players who have achieved high ratings and earned exclusive achievements, ensuring that you receive a first-class service.

    What Buying Wins in WoW RBG Gets You

    Your Ordered amount of RBG Wins;

    Honor Level progression;

    Honor & Conquest Points from each win.

    Do you still need some help? You can open a LiveChat today or find us on Discord (GladiatorBoost#0030). Our team is here and ready to help.


    Available RBG Achievements

    Private Earn a rated battleground rating of 1100.
    Alliance 10
    Title Reward: Private 
    Corporal Earn a rated battleground rating of 1200.
    Alliance 10 Title Reward: Corporal
    Sergeant Earn a rated battleground rating of 1300.
    Alliance 10
    Title Reward: Sergeant 
    Master Sergeant Earn a rated battleground rating of 1400.
    Alliance 10
    Title Reward: Master Sergeant 
    Sergeant Major  Earn a rated battleground rating of 1500.
    Alliance 10
    Title Reward: Sergeant Major 
    Knight Earn a rated battleground rating of 1600.
    Alliance 10
    Title Reward: Knight 
    Knight-Lieutenant Earn a rated battleground rating of 1700.
    Alliance 10
    Title Reward: Knight-Lieutenant
    Knight-Captain Earn a rated battleground rating of 1800.
    Alliance 10
    Title Reward: Knight-Captain 
    Centurion Earn a rated battleground rating of 1900.
    Horde 10
    Title Reward: Centurion
    Lieutenant Commander Earn a rated battleground rating of 2000.
    Alliance 10
    Title Reward: Lieutenant Commander
    Commander Earn a rated battleground rating of 2100.
    Alliance 10
    Title Reward: Commander
    Marshal Earn a rated battleground rating of 2200.
    Alliance 10
    Warlord Earn a rated battleground rating of 2300.
    Horde 10
    Title Reward: Warlord 
    Grand Marshal Earn a rated battleground rating of 2400.
    Alliance 10
    Title Reward: Grand Marshal 
    Hero of the Horde End a PvP season in the top 0.5% of the rated battleground ladder (requires 50 games won in the current season).
    Horde 10
    Title Reward: Hero of the Horde
    Hero of the Alliance End a PvP season in the top 0.5% of the rated battleground ladder (requires 50 games won in the current season).
    Alliance 10
    Title Reward: Hero of the Alliance
  • To buy RBG Wins, simply click on your Desired amount of RBG Wins. Fill out your information on our checkout page and we’ll be in contact with you ASAP to schedule.

    When you purchase, you can select Selfplay or Piloted, and the processes for each differ slightly, and will be better suited to specific players.

    For Selfplay

    Once you’ve purchased our Selfplay RBG boost, we will get in touch with you on Discord to get started. We’ll then select the most suitable team for your needs, which usually takes 15–30 minutes. Once we have assigned the team, you’ll have direct communication with them through our order conference.

    For Piloted

    Upon purchasing our Piloted RBG boost, we will contact you on Discord to confirm your account information and put necessary security measures in place. When you are happy to proceed, you will be invited to an order conference with your assigned boosting team, where you will have direct and constant communication with them. Our boosters will ensure you receive regular updates and progress reports to keep you in the loop throughout your RBG carry.

    If you require extra information before placing your order, find us on Discord (GladiatorBoost#0030) or drop us an email ([email protected]).

  • A level 70 character in WoW Dragonflight.

  • What will happen after I buy RBG wins?
    For swift RBG Wins initiation, we will authenticate your order ID on our Discord at GladiatorBoost#0030. Once validated, we will allocate the quickest available booster to get your RBG Wins underway.

    Will my account details be safe during the process?
    The confidentiality and security of your account information is of the utmost importance to us. Only you and the booster assigned to your character will have access to your information. We employ state-of-the-art security measures to protect your account and ensure that your information is always handled with the utmost discretion.

    Will I be able to see what is happening during the carry?
    Yes, if you opt for our Piloted RBG Boost service, our boosters can offer you a live stream so that you can follow the entire progress of your RBG run.

    Is buying wins on WoW RBG safe?
    We have a comprehensive approach to safeguarding your account, which includes the use of HWID tools, private VPNs, and our own proprietary system to avoid any detection. Although there are risks with piloted arena services, we strive to minimize them as much as possible.

    Will I be able to log in while the carry is taking place?
    We highly recommend against logging into your account while our boosters are working on it. However, we will keep you updated at all times and notify you when the booster logs in or out during the carry process.

    Does GladiatorBoost offer refunds for RBG boosts?
    If the RBG boost is not completed due to our error, we offer refunds. However, we don’t offer refunds for completed services.

    Q: What if someone from WoW ingame writes me whilst the booster is playing?
    The booster will never respond. Simple.

    Q: Do you offer refunds?
    Yes, if the boost isn’t completed due to a fault from our side. We won’t offer refunds on completed services.


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