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    Naxxramas, a citadel of dark sorcery and unfathomable power, has been a cornerstone raid in the World of Warcraft universe. Although the path through its corridors can be daunting, the rewards – notably the Tier 7 armor sets – are the prized treasures sought by many but worn by few due to their low drop rates. GladiatorBoost offers an opportunity to wield these iconic sets without the exhaustive grind.

    Start Time: 30 Minutes

    Completion Speed: 1-4 Weeks (as this is a weekly raid farm. This is usually faster if the booster can use alt characters too).

    What will I get?

    Full Molten Core Transmog Set for your class!

    Have any questions? Contact us on Discord: @GladiatorBoost – Or open a LiveChat with us. Our support will always do its best to help you with any queries.

    Why Choose GladiatorBoost for Your Transmog Needs?

    Step away from the mundane and the monotonous! By opting for GladiatorBoost’s PRO player services, you not only save precious time but also guarantee a seamless experience in collecting the full T7 transmog. Simply confirm your order, provide your gameplay schedule, and our dedicated team will delve into Naxxramas, ensuring that every piece of the T7 set becomes a part of your arsenal.

    T7 Transmog Boost Rewards: A Kaleidoscope of Colors

    With GladiatorBoost’s T7 transmog boost, you’re not just gaining an armor set; you’re stepping into a realm of diverse aesthetics. Each Tier 7 set from Naxxramas boasts multiple color variations, each corresponding to the raid difficulty:

    Class | Naxxramas Elegance (10-man) | Naxxramas Elite (25-man)

    Death Knight: Heroes’ Scourgeborne Display (10 Tint) | Valorous Scourgeborne Display (25 Tint)

    Druid: Heroes’ Dreamwalker Ensemble (10 Tint) | Valorous Dreamwalker Ensemble (25 Tint)

    Hunter: Heroes’ Cryptstalker Outfit (10 Tint) | Valorous Cryptstalker Outfit (25 Tint)

    Mage: Heroes’ Frostfire Apparel (10 Tint) | Valorous Frostfire Apparel (25 Tint)

    Paladin: Heroes’ Redemption Armor (10 Version) | Valorous Redemption Armor (25 Version)

    Priest: Heroes’ Faith Vestments (10 Tint) | Valorous Faith Vestments (25 Tint)

    Rogue: Heroes’ Bonescythe Gear (10 Tint) | Valorous Bonescythe Gear (25 Tint)

    Shaman: Heroes’ Earthshatter Dress (10 Tint) | Valorous Earthshatter Dress (25 Tint)

    Warlock: Heroes’ Plagueheart Attire (10 Tint) | Valorous Plagueheart Attire (25 Tint)

    Warrior: Heroes’ Dreadnaught Suit (10 Tint) | Valorous Dreadnaught Suit (25 Tint)

    Choose individual sets or benefit from our bundle discounts, ensuring you get every shade and variant of your chosen transmog.

    Additionally, with each boost, you receive:

    The achievement “Undying Aesthetic”.

    All additional loot harvested during Naxxramas runs.

    Prompt Delivery, Stellar Service

    Post your order’s confirmation, GladiatorBoost jumps into action. The journey to collate the full Tier 7 transmog may span across multiple weekly runs, but our team’s dedication remains unwavering. With the option to use several characters of the same class, the acquisition process speeds up, ensuring a swift and efficient service.

  • How to Buy

    Kickstarting your Naxxramas transmog boost journey is straightforward:

    Visit GladiatorBoost’s official website.

    Select the Naxxramas Transmog Boost service.

    Input your preferred playing schedule.

    Watch as our PRO players set out, ensuring you get that complete set to flaunt in Azeroth and beyond.

  • Requirements for the Service

    GladiatorBoost caters to characters level 45 and above. If your character is yet to reach this level, our proficient powerleveling services are at your disposal to get you raid-ready.


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