Paladin Mage Tower Set Boost

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    Paladin Mage Tower Set Boost at GladiatorBoost

    Discover the revered path to World of Warcraft’s Paladin-specific transmog, the Mage Tower set. With its dazzling visuals and historic importance, this armor set is a treasure for any Paladin. Thanks to GladiatorBoost, acquiring this set has never been easier.

    What will I get?

    Paladin Mage Tower Set!

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    Unique Tier 20 Set Re-color

    The Paladin Mage Tower set isn’t just any armor—it’s a specially re-colored edition of the Tier 20 armor set, renowned for its elegant design and legacy. Traditionally awarded for completing the demanding Paladin Mage Tower challenge for any specialization, the set has become a symbol of accomplishment and prowess in the game.

    However, given the persistent difficulty of the Mage Tower challenges, reminiscent of the Legion era, many players find it a formidable task. But there’s good news! GladiatorBoost offers a seamless and efficient way to acquire the Paladin Mage Tower transmog boost, ensuring that this iconic set finds its rightful place in your collection.

    Expertise from Seasoned PRO Players

    When you opt for GladiatorBoost’s services, you’re not just getting a boost. You’re gaining the support of our seasoned PRO players, who’ve conquered the Paladin Mage Tower challenge during the Legion era across all specializations. With their unparalleled expertise and skills, these players guarantee a swift and successful completion of your Mage Tower run.

    Safety and Security First

    Safe Gaming Experience: At GladiatorBoost, we prioritize your account’s security. We use the advanced Remote Desktop app to complete the Mage Tower challenge, negating the need for direct account sharing. By doing so, we assure you that your account remains uncompromised and shielded from any potential bans by Blizzard.

    Rewards and Delivery Time


    Radiant Lightbringer Armor: An exclusive Paladin Mage Tower transmog set to embellish your appearance collection.

    Achievement Unlocked: Earn the ‘A Towering Success’ achievement, bringing you one step closer to the sought-after Mage-Bound Spelltome mount.

    Timely Delivery:

    Upon successful payment, you won’t have to wait long. Our team can initiate the Paladin Mage Tower transmog run within a mere 30 minutes. And in just about an hour, you’ll have the prestigious Radiant Lightbringer Armor in your collection!

    Considering More Challenges?

    For those aiming to complete all seven Mage Tower challenges and acquire the Mage-Bound Spelltome book mount, GladiatorBoost offers the Mage-Bound Spelltome boost. Enhance your WoW experience and accolades with our specialized services!

    With GladiatorBoost, indulge in a superior WoW experience, enriched with achievements, rewards, and unparalleled support!

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  • Requirements for the Paladin Mage Tower Challenge

    Before you embark on this journey, ensure you meet the following requirements:

    Character Level: Your character should be at level 60 or above.

    Item Level (Ilvl): Ensure you have Ilvl 50+ items equipped in every slot.

    Special Note: Some Mage Tower challenges might demand a character of level 70. It’s essential to verify this with our Support Agent before placing your order.


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